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    The most innovative Nikki's Restaurant offering the best tasting menu created by our very own highly experienced and passionate chef. Experience the different customize sushi selection, delicate succulent pieces with fresh unique toppings prepared in a beautiful presentation. Our Chef dedication and intense training proved invaluable, putting a unique twist on every menu and providing the most personalized and mouth-watering Nikki's Restaurant experience. Extraordinary specialty, authentic taste carefully selects the freshest ingredients and serving traditional Japanese culinary skills to satisfy your taste buds. Always ensure to deliver the highest quality dishes, strive for the recognition as a customer-oriented restaurant through the enthusiastic service, serenading environment and delicious food.

    • Business Hours:

    • Open 7 Days a Week
      Sunday - Thursday : 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
      Friday and Saturday: 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    • Address:

    • 6 S Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach, NC 28428
      Tel. no.: (910) 707-0802
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    Vickie Bartlett

    Was so excited about coming to your restaurant on our viacay this week . Checked online, did not say takeout only that I could find. Got to the restaurant, parked and pumped $4 into the meter. Only to turn and have a local say, Man, I hate it but it’s take out only. Sooo, we walked down to the steak house on the corner, dropped $140 for dinner and drinks. Great meal! Why, when everyone else is open are you takeout only? At least make it plain in your website.


    This website is terrible on mobile. Like quite possibly the worst.

    Mike Diaz

    Nikki's Restaurant - options and positive measures With the “Stay at Home Order” your team may be exploring what measures you can take now that can produce a positive impact going forward. We're featuring our existing 21,000 restaurants offering takeout, catering and/or delivery to assist with restaurant recovery, and I'd love to connect with you on the phone to explore featuring Nikki's Restaurant. We are also marketing our restaurants to our 400 plus corporate company partners. To be clear we are not a marketing company, but definitely get you behind the corporate firewall within our network. We are determined to assist our corporate clients and restaurant partners. Some of our NY restaurant partners: • The Palm, Le District, Balvanera, Ivan Ramen, Casa La Femme, Spice, Hearth, James Beard House, STK, Rosa Mexicano, Big Daddy’s, BarBacon, Huertas, Num Pan Kitchen, Chopt, etc…. Erica Mathlin, our Director of Restaurant Partnerships, will be conducting online meeti

    Tirzah Arnold

    Hello! I work for the delivery service Postmates (similar to UberEATS). We are one of the largest delivery services in Carolina Beach and we are looking to add you guys to our delivery platform! Who is the best person to talk to about this?  Please give me a call directly, or let me know the best time to reach you today. Thanks! Tirzah/615-933-7468

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    Our Location:

    6 S Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach, NC 28428
    Tel. no.: (910) 707-0802

Fish and shellfish served raw. Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of food born illness. If you have an allergy to seafood or shellfish, you should not eat any of the foods prepared in this restaurant. We cannot guarantee that our food will be free from all traces of seafood.

Nikki's Gourment & Sushi Bar